Giving A Pizzelle Maker As A Gift

Looking to give pizzelle as gifts?  Though these cookies are delicate and easily broken, there is a number of options that you can use to protect and present them as a lovely gift of Christmas cookies or other special occasion gift.

If you’re bringing a small amount over for a gathering or a little gift, you could simply place them on top of a paper doily covering a nice plate.  Arrange the cookies and carefully wrap the plate with cellophane.

If you are mailing them, or if you are afraid of accidentally breaking the cookies on a plate on the way to your destination, these cookies store nicely in the cookie tins available at your local discount store.  If you are mailing them, you may want to crumple some napkins and insert them into any spaces left in the tin to keep the pizzelle from shuffling around in the mail.


For another pretty presentation that works well if you are packing up cookies to give to several people at once, such as at the office, the treat boxes and cupcake boxes available in your local craft store’s baking supply section are very handy and often have an attractive window to display your cookies while keeping them protected.  You can even add a cute little homemade gift tag as a special touch.

However, because different irons make different size cookies, make sure you know what size your iron makes before purchasing boxes to ensure you don’t buy a set of boxes that is too small for your cookies.

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